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Shrugged Strength Test 209 | Barbell Shrugged

Our Test for Strength: The Shrugged Strength Test – Episode 209


This weeks episode we put a spin on things.

It’s a new thing we created called the Shrugged Strength Test.

And instead of choosing a specific topic like normal, we decided to tell you all about how and why we created this test.


The test is 3 days of specific exercises designed to highlight any weaknesses and imbalances you might have in your strength game.

In this episode, we go deep into the reasoning behind why we chose each exercise, and it’s individual purpose.

For example, learn why we chose a double overhand no hook grip deadlift versus a conventional deadlift as part of the test.


Take the test now, it’s free!

You’ll also learn exactly what numbers and ratios we want to see to be considered balanced and strong.

Lastly, we’ll break down each movement and tell you a little about how to address any inadequacies (…but you have other great qualities) that you might find.

I hope you enjoy!


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Mike Bledsoe


  • Great episode – thank you!
    Lot’s of work to do….

    Can you please tell me what the strength standard was for the front squat (I didn’t hear it mentioned)?

    thank you

  • 1.5 x bodyweight for men
    1.25 x bodyweight for women

    Yeah we didn’t mention it in the show as it was still being decided. Sorry about that.

    I hope you enjoy the test!

    • No where written out quite yet. We just analyzed all the results from those who have completed the test and are going to create and info graphic to share soon.

      When you do the test and enter your results, you get a long form with a ton of info about each lift based on certain weight classes.

      Hope that helps.

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