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Annie & Ron | Episode 218

How To Stay Young w/ CrossFit Games Masters Athletes Annie Sakamoto & Ron Ortiz – Episode 218

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This week we’re back at PowerMonkey Camp to interview CrossFit Games Master’s Athletes Ron Ortiz and original “Nasty Girl” Annie Sakamoto.

We had an absolute blast during this episode. We discuss Ron & Annie’ training history, how they found CrossFit as a sport, and how they handle being competitive athletes while juggling family life.

We’ve been asked a lot about how different training as a Masters athlete is, so we let them tell us all about what their training programs look like, who their coaches are, how they eat. We dig deep into the details of what makes them so successful on their sport.

Towards the end of the show, we ask them some questions and advice for other aspiring Master’s competitors. Stick around to learn about some of the changes and mistakes they have learned from to stay in the best shape of their lives.

Annie Sakamoto | Barbell Shrugged

It’s amazing to hear how these athletes handle daily stressors. The training life is a little different when you have families, jobs, responsibilities. They explain how important it is to have a strong support crew, listen to your body, and never sweat the small stuff.

And if you want to go an cheer them on, be sure check out http://games.crossfit.com as they are competing right this moment. As of this morning (7/20/16), Ron is currently sitting in 1st place in this category (Men’s 50-54), & Annie is in second (Women’s 40-44).

What did I learn from this show? Stay young at heart, keep having fun in your training, and you’ll be around for a long time. Ron and Annie are having so much fun training, and it shows. Especially in their performance. Keep having fun.

Again, interviewing these two was so much damn inspiring and fun, I can’t wait to have them again. They are amazing people. We wish them the best of luck!

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