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Episode 219 | Barbell Shrugged

Training vs Exercising – Episode 219

This week coaches Kurt Mullican and Michael McElroy come back to join us for a special episode.

There was a passionate conversation that stemmed in our Cookeville trip a while back about the difference between training versus exercising. The conversation got so amped up we decided it was a solid topic for an episode.

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What are you training for? Do you have direction? Or are you just exercising?

What’s the difference?

To us, it’s whether or not you’re working toward a specific goal.

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If you’re training for something, it’s a different mindset. There’s risk involved, and some chance that you might not succeed.

Which is scary. But, we all know, without any risk, there’s no reward worth celebrating. And that risk, I truly believe, is what helps us feel alive.

Now….It’s perfectly fine if you’re just exercising to sweat and move. I get it. And I have nothing against it. I just challenge people to really ask themselves which one they are doing and WHY.

Give this show a listen to hear our thoughts on the topic. Then I wanna hear what this means to you. Maybe this will motivate you to choose something a little more specific, put a deadline on it, so it will get your @$$ in gear.

Or, it will help you enjoy your exercising a little more. It will help you be ok with working out, just to…workout.



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