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Episode 223 | Barbell Shrugged

Metabolic Flexibility, Insulin Sensitivity, Macros and Ketosis w/ Dr. Mike Nelson – Episode 223

Got a real treat for you today.

This week we sit down with Dr. Mike T. Nelson to discuss nutrition and specifically how to eat to look and perform your best using a principle called metabolic flexibility.

If you don’t have a clue what that is, don’t worry. In this episode, Dr. Mike explains in great detail:

  • what is metabolic flexibility and how to use this principle to improve your performance and body composition
  • how to know and test if you’re metabolically flexible
  • how to eat and train to become metabolically flexible
  • how to make adjustments in training and nutrition to ensure you’re metabolically flexible and looking and performing at your best

We’ll also discuss a little bit about insulin resistance/sensitivity and how that affects your body and performance and the ketogenic diet.

Let me just say I’m really excited for you to listen to this one because it’s literally a TREASURE of awesome information because Dr. Mike is SUPER smart, super cool and seriously know’s his shit about nutrition.

After going back and listening, I realized this episode so full of specific prescriptions and walk throughs, that you can literally use this episode to craft your own nutrition program to improve your body composition and athletic performance (Dr Mike’s also offering to help you figure all that out here too).

So when you listen to this episode, I want you to do just that and get out a pen and paper to take some notes. Then go back pick out the simpler concepts and prescriptions. Apply your efforts there first before adding in the more complex ones and you’ll be off to a great start towards getting into looking and performing better.

Anyways enough talk. Just fire it up right now and start learning.




For more:

Dr. Mike wants to help you use metabolic flexibility to improve your body and training. If you enjoyed listening, show him some love and sign up for his nutrition and metabolic flexibility e-class and coaching. You’ll learn exactly how to eat and adjust your training to look and perform at your best. And I’m sure he’d appreciate the hell out of you supporting him.

Learn more about Dr. Mike’s course and coaching here


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