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Episode 224 | Barbell Shrugged

Switching Goals: CrossFitter to Weightlifter (and Vice Versa) – Episode 224

Every now and then you just want to try something different for a chance to get outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself in a new way, and learn new things about yourself.

It’s how we all grow and become better athletes and versions of ourselves. 

For the longest time, McG and I had been deeply rooted in our own sports. For years, McG had been training and competing at the highest levels of fitness while at the same time I was training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting. 

But recently, we both figured it was time to try something different and challenge ourselves in new ways. So after years of only doing CrossFit, McG began training for Olympic Weightlifting and I decided to shift my focus from Weightlifting to CrossFit. 

After talking to McG this week, I think we’ll both agree that making the switch great learning experience for us both. Learning we’ll now share with you. 

In this week’s episode, we’ll share our experiences and the lessons we learned switching to each other’s sport. From our stories, you’ll learn:

  • why McG and I decided to make the switch
  • how we transitioned our training to align with our new goals
  • what it was like competing for the first time in a new sport
  • and finally how we’ll train for the future

This is a great episode if you’re looking to jump into your first Olympic Weightlifting or CrossFit competition or thinking about training for something completely different than what you’ve been doing.

Hopefully after listening to our stories you’ll get a better idea how to approach switching up your goals, get outside your comfort zone and have fun doing it. 



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