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How To Use Strongman Exercises to Build Functional Strength – Barbell Shrugged #226


This week we’re back with the crew and have a fun episode to share with you.

We talk all about Strongman training. Functional fitness is such a popular term nowadays, so we thought it was due time to share our opinions on what we think is functional.

In our opinion there is nothing more functional than Strongman training. You pick up something heavy, and you either set it down, or you carry it. The movements are awkward, imperfect and extremely challenging. Yet they look more like tasks that we perform in our everyday lives. Carrying groceries, unloading a trailer, moving mulch, sliding thick rubber stall mats across your gym floor (gym owners know what I’m talking about. Moving those things is a bitch!).

Add strongman-style training to your current training and start building true functional strength with our Strongman Accessory Program in Overtime Plus.

It’s not just about competing in Strongman events. They have a ton of carry over into structural balance, and developing raw absolutes strength and body awareness. So today we pick apart some of our favorite Strongman type movements and talk about why, how and when you can implement these elements into your own training.

And truthfully, they are really fun!

Here’s a vid of us back in the day doing a Strongman Medley with Chris Moore at the Original Faction Strength & Conditioning. There’s nothing better than getting a group together and doing some heavy carries or lifting stones. It makes you really tough.

I hope you enjoy the show!


For more:

If you’re interested in adding some of the Strongman elements into your training, build functional strength and would like to learn a little more about the movements, check out this program we just created.

It’s an accessory program that is 3 days a week, with 2 or 3 lifts that you can do after your training to help you gain more exposure with Strongman movements. It only takes about 10-15 minutes each day and is a LOT of fun!

Go here to learn more about the Strongman Accessory Program


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