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An All Access Pass to the best coaches, nutritionists, and athletes in the world.

Barbell Shrugged gathers the greatest minds in strength and conditioning. We have access to scientists, nutritionists, and doctors from all over the world.

But there is a missing piece from the equation — The Shrugged Collective is more than hosts, trainers, and nutritionists. To round out our vision, we need YOU, your voice, and your ideas brought to the center of the strength and conditioning world.

So here is what we did.

We took our entire network, including hundreds of the best coaches in the world and millions of hours of coaching experience, and put them in one place so you can ask them anything you want. The Shrugged Collective is now giving you direct access to the hosts, coaches, and thinkers that shape the way you view strength and conditioning.


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What’s Included?

Direct access to all shows and hosts in the Shrugged Collective
Direct access to hundreds of the top strength and conditioning experts in the world
Direct access to nutritionist ready to help fuel your training
Weekly Q&A with hosts, guests, and coaches from around the world
Live interview recordings before episodes are released
Direct access to ask guests questions while live on air
Members only content including training plans, technique videos, and additional shows footage
Discounts on seminars and live shows


Only $11/month

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Pick your favorite coach.
Pick your favorite podcast.
Pick your favorite athlete.
Pick your favorite nutritionist.

We have likely interviewed them sometime over the last six years, and they are likely now close friends. With that kind of access, it seems a little selfish to keep it all to ourselves, right?

So we are inviting you into the Shrugged Collective inner circle.

Want to talk to Ryan Fischer about opening a gym? He is ready to answer.

Need Doug Larson’s opinion on program design? At your fingertips.

Want to ask Mike for the perfect supplement concoction to optimize everything in your life? The guy is dying to tell you.

Information is meant to be shared, and the Shugged Collective is giving you an all access pass to the best minds in strength and conditioning, plus a behind the scenes look into the #shruggedlife. You guide the conversation. We will be there waiting to help along the way.

See you there,
The Shrugged Collective


Only $11/month

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Who’s already in the group?

Mike Bledsoe

The Bledsoe Show

Doug Larson

Barbell Shrugged

Anders Varner

Barbell Shrugged

Kenny Kane

Body of Knowledge

Dr. Andy Galpin

Body of Knowledge

Ryan Fischer

Real Chalk

Yannic “Yaya” Lorenz

Real Chalk

Mycal Anders

Feed Me Fuel Me

Jeff Thornton

Feed Me Fuel Me

Adam Von Rothfelder

Founder & CEO
Strong Coffee

Travis Mash

Weightlifting Coach

John Wolf

Chief Fitness Officer

Tait Fletcher

Caveman Coffee

Logan Gelbrich

Deuce Gym

Garry Lineham

Human Garage

Mike Burgener

CrossFit Weightlifting

Carl Paoli

FreeStyle Connection

Eric Leija

Senior Kettlebell Coach

Adee Cazayoux

Working Against Gravity

Sean Waxman

Owner & Head Coach
Waxman’s Gym

Mark Divine


Orion Melehan

LifeAID (FitAID)

Dr. Theresa Larson

Movement Rx

Jennie Roberts

Pro Athlete

Michael Cazayoux

Brute Strength


Only $11/month

Let’s meet everybody!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?

We meet in a Facebook Group (fancy I know).

What will I do once I’m in?

Make friends and build relationships with experts in the field as well as other people who want to be healthy, love training and love to learn.

How is this different than the Barbell Shrugged Facebook Page?

160,000 people and all of our show promotional items really clutter a Facebook Page. We’re aiming for intimacy, connection and cohesion.

Who’s a part of the Shrugged Collective Private Facebook Group?

Shrugged crew, our fitness expert friends, guests from the show and a ton of other people who love to train and want to learn.

What if I want to cancel?

Cancel anytime, all we need is 5 days notice to make sure you’re out of the system.

Why pay for a Facebook Group?

You’re not paying for a Facebook Group… those are free. You’re paying for access to a group of likeminded people who can help you become the best version of yourself.

Will you be doing Facebook Live(s) with guests from the show?

Yes! Facebook now has side by side live video (ie., 2 people, calling in from different locations). We’ll be interviewing guests from the show and you can ask questions and interact with us during the interview!

Will Mike and Doug be active on a daily basis?

You bet!

How much does it cost?

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Only $11 per month!

How do I join?

Click on the button to sign up and fill out the form. Soon after we’ll send you a link to the group, request access, and you’ll be in before you know it!


Only $11/month

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