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Feed Me Fuel Me — Know Fear w/ Tony Blauer  — 84

Tony Blauer is one of the only combatives experts who has successfully affected training across all the combat related communities: self-defense, combat sports and the military & law enforcement sector. His research on physiology, mind-set as it relates to confrontation management has influenced over two decades of reality-based martial artists.

Tony is founder of Blauer Tactical Systems and creator of the Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response self-defense system. SPEAR is the world’s only behaviorally based self-protection method based on physiology, kinesiology, physics and psychology. Tony teaches SPEAR to students worldwide, including Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Units and First-Responders.

In this episode, Tony shares his perspectives on coaching and how using tactics such as “Surprise Fran” in the CrossFit gym and coaching the fearful mindset that comes along with it, can actually help athletes improve their score. Mindset is everything. More often than not, the physiological constraints we put on performance actually limit our abilities. Listen to Tony, who sheds some light on how to use these thoughts as fuel.


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If we think we are going to lose, it inspires fear. If we are sure we are going to win, it doesn’t matter.” — Tony Blauer

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Understand your fears through self-awareness

One of the key ways to overcome fear is to understand it. Tony points out that in life, you will never get to a point that you have no fear, so we must learn to clearly identify it and use it. The difference between the hero and the coward is not fear, it is what they do with that fear.

Tony is FED through books, when he reads, he is often inspired with new ideas. He is also fed through writing everyday.

Tony is FUELED by the notion that we never stop growing. “When you become a blackbelt, the learning begins.” Always continue to educate and nourish yourself. Do not be afraid to reinvent yourself everyday.

Key Takeaways

  • Never let the math beat you —  Shift your mental approach to the way you train. If you hate running a mile, run four 400’s. If you hate thrusters, do squats and push press. The way you view a situation will dictate how you perform in it.
  • Peel back the onion When we feel some level of discomfort about a situation, there is typically underlying fear. Do you not start the business because you are afraid it will fail? When you are avoiding a situation, dig down and find out what it is that may be causing the fear. Once you can identify it, you can beat it.
  • Fear controls everything in life — The deep, often subconscious fears in all of us dictate everything about our lives. The places we live, the career paths we choose, and those we associate with, are all dictated by fears. Meditate on the decisions you make and the paths you take. What fears in your life may have lead you there?

How I feel effects how I think and how I think affects how I feel, and both influence how I move.” — Tony Blauer

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Recommended book: Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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