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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Always Faithful w/ Mike Burgener  — 100

If someone asked you what your crowning achievement is in your life, what would your answer be? For Coach Mike Burgener, the answer is simple: his kids! When you get through listening to our conversation with the man who has seen it all, and done it all in his life, it will make so much sense.

In this week’s episode, we get into what this hard headed football player from Notre Dame learned as an Officer of Marines that has translated into the abundance mentality with which he leads today. The founder of Mike’s Gym has dedicated his life to giving. As a result, he has made huge waves in the weightlifting community, and been instrumental in the development of coaches and athletes alike.

Because of Coach B’s influence on weightlifting, and subsequent acquaintance with the likes of Greg Glassman as CrossFit was in its infancy, USA weightlifting’s participant registration has increased almost ten-fold. Given all of those accolades, still his crowning achievement revolves around his family.

You’ll discover, as we did, that the metric of Mike’s success is gauged by the fulfillment of his family. Nothing worth achieving, is worth achieving in the absence of family. Although he does not feel that anything happens due to luck, there is a greater plan at work. In focusing on building an institution in which he could bond with his children, be home and still serve his passion, the net he has cast over the landscape of fitness almost immeasurable.

The coaches that live and die by the “Burgener Warm Up”, the athletes that have engaged in the CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar, and the athletes that have crossed over to competitive weightlifting after hanging out at Mike’s Gym for a day numbers in the thousands. By serving his family, Coach B has impacted the world and truly set the standard for what it means to live a purpose driven life.

Sit back and set an intention to absorb a wonderful perspective on fulfillment, paying it forward, and relentlessly upholding the standard. Thanks for sitting down with Coach B, and sharing your light with our listeners!

– Jeff and Mycal

P.S. Coach B was featured on Barbell Shrugged last year: Barbell Shrugged  — How to Target and Train Your Weaknesses w/ Mike Burgener — 256.

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