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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Hold The Standard w/ Logan Gelbrich  — 101

What does it mean to be an adaptive leader? Logan Gelbrich didn’t open a gym. He opened a school – Deuce Gym. He doesn’t have coaches. He has teachers. At his school, they don’t simply coach classes. They teach a curriculum.

From very humble beginnings, Logan has built a foundation on which his goals will stand upon. We caught up with Logan in the wake of his “Hold The Standard” Summit. To say that those in attendance had a few awakenings during the experience is an understatement.

We were fortunate enough to witness Logan go through the exact exercise that forced us to have that hard conversation with the person in the mirror and brings to the surface “blind spots” that hide in our subconscious. He walked us through the negative feedback loop that manifests in self-limiting dialogue, actions, and ultimately behavior. These conversations that we have with ourselves inhibit growth and progression by manifesting in our organizations and our relationships.

Logan shares with us how he has learned to be kind to himself and how empathy can be used as a tool for accountability. In this episode, Logan points out how his innate ability to endure has both positively and negatively affected his life. This episode bares one of the most honestly vulnerable conversations we’ve had and we know you’ll be that much better for listening to the lesson Logan shares along his journey.


– Jeff and Mycal

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