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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Radical Candor w/ Scott Keppel  — 96

Scott Keppel is the owner of Scott’s Training Systems, a world class fitness studio located in Chandler, AZ that offers both in-person and online coaching. He specializes in post breast cancer recovery, pre/post- natal, pageantry training (he’s the official trainer for several states), weight loss and business owners/executives.

Scott is also a motivational speaker and nationally certified fitness and nutrition coach. He believes it is important to help clients achieve their optimal levels mentally, physically and emotionally. Scott’s mantra is to lead with “Why?”. When he starts training clients, his mission is to figure out what the significance of experience is supposed to be. He makes it a point to be tactfully honest with his clients, not only keep their expectations realistic, but to ensure that they understand that the victory lies in the process, not the outcome!

When he worked predominantly with fitness and figure competitors, coming to grips with the subjectivity of the sport when it came to judging, begins with acknowledging that you are indeed going to be judged. Then he made the shift to pageantry and building physiques in world where physical training can often be overlooked, or outright ignored due to the negative stigmas associated with women and weight training.

To take it one giant step further, Scott excels in working with special populations that include women who have battled breast cancer or recently had children. When it’s all said and done, what is required of his clients is to create a physique that facilitates confidence, performance, and an appreciation for the journey is a lot of honest conversations with tactful candor.


– Jeff and Mycal

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