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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Morning Chalk Up w/ Justin Lofranco  — 105

Justin LoFranco has a beautiful mind when it comes to community relations. If his career on the campaign trail in a previous life is any indication, some would say he’s a master. However, as many before him discover, the world of politics is cut throat, and your job security is tied to the opinion of the masses. This means, there is no security at all. After burning the candle at both ends for the majority of his twenties, Justin’s passion for late night dinners, networking, and ultimately relying on others for his success, came to end as his delegate was not reelected.

Rather than move on and join another campaign, Justin moved home. He had been introduced to the culture and community over the years while assisting in the management of campaigns. Yet, he had not been exposed to a resource that was absolutely dialed in with world community of CrossFit. A resource that showcased, the good. The bad. The ugly. But more often than not, the amazing things going on in the global neighborhood that is CrossFit. It is an entity with its own vernacular that transcends culture, region, or dialect. CrossFit communities the world over have raised money for many different causes, from those for a member of a gym, to disaster relief in the aftermath of a hurricane. There are best practices and people out there innovating coaching and business. An entirely new industry has emerged as a result of this cultural boom. In his parent’s basement, Justin decided to take a grassroots approach to spotlighting all of these talking points in a DAILY newsletter. Thus “The Morning Chalk Up” was born!

Where there is a will, there is a way, and Justin has tremendous will. He has paved the way, by giving up 2 years of his life to get the Morning Chalk Up off the ground and consolidating a WORLD’s-worth of content into a condensed format that further links CrossFitters across all boundaries. Need to know when/where the next big competition is? See the latest edition of The Morning Chalk Up. Want to see who is killing it in philanthropy? Open your email. Want to stay up to speed on what it takes to qualify for the Games? Look no further than your inbox.

Justin and his team, through his shear will to make sure that it grew legs and took off, have created something special and he shares it with the world literally EVERYDAY!! Subscribe to The Morning Chalk Up AFTER you listen to Justin’s journey in this week’s conversation, so you can gain perspective and truly appreciate what it took to become consistently amazing!


– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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