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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Committed to Change w/ Taylor Dayne Loyd  — 91

Taylor Dayne Loyd is owner of TDLFIT and co-owner of Iron Greenhouse. She has been coaching boxing for 8 years. She is USA WEIGHTLIFTING Certified and has her Precision Nutrition Cert. Taylor competed in bodybuilding competitions, bikini and figure. She was a nationally qualified figure competitor. After 3 years of bodybuilding, she made her way into Crossfit.

Taylor is currently training at Crossfit Jaakarhu under Michael Winchester. She is a passionate athlete and coach with high expectations for her athletes. She grew up struggling with wanting to be really skinny. She was completely obsessed, and even went through a bad drug problem. After being in a rough spot, she decided one night to change her life around, ditched her dream to be skinny, and decided to show herself how strong she can really be.

Since 2007, she have been training, coaching, and competing in the fitness industry. She has been hands on training for 10 years, and takes a balanced approach to fitness combining intense and varied workouts with nutritional and dietary support. Taylor draws inspiration from many workout styles, including CrossFit, bootcamp, plyo, yoga, gymnastics, and fighting.

In this episode, Taylor talks about her journey in the fitness world, transitioning from bodybuilding to CrossFit, and her experience competing on a team at regionals and the games. Taylor gravitated towards CrossFit because of the sense of community. In bodybuilding, there was no sense of team or “us”, so the team centered environment of CrossFit instantly hooked her.


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Be faster, stronger, and move efficiently

Taylor likes to stay focused on growing and getting better. She is extremely self-motivated and explains how she sets weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in order to continue to grow and achieve. She attributes growing up with brothers as the reason that she is able to remain humble. Her brothers raised her to be a good person and taught her the importance of treating others well. They instilled in her to not be the loudest person in the room in how you speak, but rather how you act.

“You have to be humble to the point of knowing what you are not good at.” — Taylor Dayne Loyd

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Key Takeaways

  • Elevated surroundings — The only way to get better is to train with people who are better than you. Force yourself to have to give up to their pace, strength and standard. You should also have a coach that brings elevated expectations.
  • Community  —  Bodybuilding has very little community and is a very lonely sport. CrossFit on the other hand is founded on community and making friends. In CrossFit everyone is rooting for each other and wants to see everyone do their best.
  • Team dynamics  —  One of the beauties of teams is being able to rely on the strengths of certain individuals and skipping over their weaknesses. Some people are really good on the barbell and can pick up slack there, but may not be as efficient at handstand pushups.
  • Never be “ok”  —  Never be satisfied with being mediocre. Other athletes are always getting better so you must continue to grow. Even when you recognize improvement in a certain skill, focus on the fact that it can still get so much better. The work never ends.
  • Feed Me  —  Always remind yourself where you were a few years ago or 6 months ago. Look back at where you were and how far you have come. Taylor does this by looking back at photos she posted on social media to help remember where she was.

“If you’re the best person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” — Taylor Dayne Loyd

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