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Feed Me Fuel Me  — The Disruptor’s Code w/ Ketan Makwana  — 94

Ketan Makwana is the founder of the Enterprise Lab, a self-proclaimed mindset catalyst, a renowned international & TEDx Speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. Enterprise Lab is a disruptive agency set out to bridge the gaps between education, employment and enterprise.

Over the last 7 years Ketan has started, scaled a sold multiple businesses. He has also served as a Special Advisor to the former UK Prime Minster (David Cameron) on Youth & Business Policy; other work includes being part of the European Parliament & Commission working on the 2020 strategy for enterprise and employment.

When we asked Ketan where the momentum to continually pivot, reinvent, and repurpose comes from, his answer was simple, yet profound, “I was just ignorant enough to leap and my curiosity was bigger than my knowledge.”

Through his years of consulting on both large and small scales, he has come to find commonality amongst those that fail to launch or plateau in success. Chief among these is the fear of success rather than failure. Ketan has become aware that what terrifies people the idea of actually accomplishing immense achievement.

In this episode, we dive into the three things that everyone must figure out, regardless of their station in life are: Who you are, what you’re good at, and what you’re in the business of. Ketan is a massive believer of staying in your lane – playing in your creative genius, and keeping things simple. Your lane is the activities in which you’re able to deliver a result with minimal effort.

Often times people fall in love with the proverbial “Hero’s Journey”, completely missing the lessons told in the tale, only to repeat the same mistakes of their heroes. At the end of the day, 1% change in perception can manifest in 100% change in results. Therein lies the power of mentorship – “Spending time, rather than creating it.”

– Jeff and Mycal

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