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Feed Me Fuel Me  — The Space Between w/ Dr. Cara Miller  — 102

Dr. Cara Miller, MDiv, PhD is a developmental psychologist and performance coach. This week we dive deep into the psychology of the space between where you are, and where you actually want to be. Dr. Miller goes for it in this episode, taking Mycal Anders through an exercise that exposes a very deep subconscious negative feedback loop that has been inhibiting his ability to grow for quite some time.

Dr. Miller specializes in adaptive leadership and is an organizational designer for complexity, growth and performance. She has been quite influential in the world of organizational leadership. She spends the majority of her time helping the leaders of small start ups and multi-million dollar enterprises alike identify the holes in their systems, cultural inefficiencies, and mechanisms that can be put in place to create not only a culture of growth, but empowerment from the top down. For someone who has worked with and around the brightest minds in academia as a professor at the University of San Diego and Harvard, she has a such a polished delivery of very complex ideas and methods, that they are easily understood and applied by her clients.

For her to work her magic and really assist those in her audience in getting out of there own way to attain what they truly want, she simply requires two things: their willingness, and their permission. So as you sit down with us this week, allow Dr. Miller to stretch you by exposing the negative feedback loop you have running in your head, which in turn filters through to the actions and habits you present on a daily basis, and be willing to take an introspective look into yourself so that change can indeed occur.

Thank you for being open and willing to join us on our journey, this one is indeed at game changer!

– Jeff and Mycal

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  • I’m going to have to save this podcast. I’ve been looking around this website for so long that I have to get back to work!! But talking about the subconscious negative feedback loop hits close to home for me. I cannot wait to hear this episode. Keep up the great work!!

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