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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Keeping Perspective w/ Ryan Moody  — 88

Ryan Moody is known around the world for his explosive athleticism. He has broken multiple world records with both Guinness and the World Records Academy in various jumping feats. Ryan is also creator of THEXWOD, a program dedicated to furthering an individuals’ ability to build explosive power and speed.

Before breaking those records, Ryan had lived in a state of near constant pain since his life altering bike accident at 8 years of age. He spent most of his young adult life searching for methods to help him overcome his pain, while vigilantly pursuing all of his dreams and goals.

Ryan has overcome debilitating injuries, life-threatening and infectious disease, broken limbs, multiple concussions, double knee surgery, and even paresis (partial loss / impairment of voluntary movement). He was told by doctors on 3 separate occasions that he would; “never walk, run, or play sports again.” Professionals have even referred to him as a “Scientific Anomaly!”

In his pursuit of breaking multiple world records, Ryan developed a multitude of health and fitness programs on diverse platforms for all types of people. He travels the world speaking about “Strength Through Adversity”, “Prolonging Lifespan & Increasing Quality of Life”, and conducts training seminars that teach his health and fitness methodologies.

In this episode, Ryan shares how he coaches a wide range of athletes including children, olympians, and crossfitters to prioritize explosiveness in the hips. He takes the conversation further north and talks about the importance of mindset, especially when it comes to a heavy lift, using Michael Jordan’s “sick game” as an example of simply turning the mind off and playing.


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Jump higher, run faster, lift heavier.

Ryan Moody suffered a spinal injury that left him in bed, in constant pain, and he was told he will never walk again. By changing his mindset, he willed himself to change from feeling like the victim, to a world record breaking athlete!

Today, Ryan likes to help his athletes relate mindset to what they are taking in, who they surround themselves with, what they are reading, what podcasts they are listening to, or which peers who have made they look up to. He also offers advice on being aware and open to those around us because they can often have a massive impact on our mindset.

“If I can make you more powerful and more efficient with your hips, there’s value for you in that.” — Ryan Moody

Key Takeaways

  • Hips to toes  —  Ryan describes his work from hips to toes as a whip. The hips, being the handle of the whip, are the origin of all movement. When power is applied at the handle versus the tail of the whip, the toes, the whip will crack with much more power.
  • Turn the mind off and just move  —  When you look at a barbell with 315 lb. on it, approach it without looking directly at the weight and building it up too much. Step up to it and simply move the bar. Turn the mind off and just move.
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable  —  Ryan is huge on the fact that in order to grow and develop, we need to continually put ourselves in situations where we are forced to adapt. Seek things your haven’t done on the edge of your comfort zone. Pressure will push you to where you want to be.
  • Control what you can control  —  Sometimes we put a lot of energy into things that take away from us growing. Take a step back and realize that you can feel what you want to feel, but you have a choice about how long you feel that way.
  • Don’t react  —  The first reaction you have to negative news is typically emotional. Before you react to anything, give yourself 24 hours to act like a logical human being.
  • Feed and Fuel  Ryan always opens himself up to something new through reading. He reads 5 books at a time to keep expanding his mind. In order to keep moving, he constantly reminds himself the things he wants for himself.

“Limitation is not limitation, limitation is an opportunity.” — Ryan Moody

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