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Hermonia w/ Jill Petersen  — Feed Me Fuel Me #109

Continuing our series of badass females on Feed Me Fuel Me, is Jill Petersen, founder of Hermonia. Jill has been on journey of personal growth and development for some time now.

As she would grow to find, the path to happiness and fulfillment begins within. Through an extensive process she was required to ask herself the deepest questions and find the gaps in her development. Jill was required to confront the reality that her failed relationships were the results of a void left behind by personal struggles with family. The kicker is, the stories Jill created, didn’t even belong to her. She was subconsciously holding on to others’ pain, validating a story that didn’t really exist.

After a significant battle with postpartum depression, Jill realized that she needed to work on herself. Not only for herself, but also for her relationship with her husband, family and friends. Then came her epiphany: she wasn’t the only one. That said, not many women are empowered with skills and tools to facilitate that kind of deep work on their own.

Insert Hermonia! Jill has created a service in which she coaches women to a place of strength where they were once weak. She has created a platform for women to find their voice again! Join us this week and learn about Jill’s journey and the abundance she now lives in as a result of her mission to deliver strength where it was once absent for so many!!


– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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