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Feed Me Fuel Me  — Act Like You Give a Damn w/ Darrel Wang  — 86

Darrel Wang specializes in developing individuals that are interested in becoming the nation’s next generation’s war fighters. With multiple combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Darrel’s knowledge and expertise in knowing what is required from marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen comes straight from personal experience.

Darrel is a coach at CrossFit PHX and CrossFit Magna, as well as assistant Coach PRO Tactical at Power Speed Endurance. He was enlisted in the United States Air Force at age 19, and while going through one of the world’s toughest military training pipelines, he discovered a parallel between strength and conditioning and being successful while going through a Special Operations/Special Forces school.

In this episode, Darrel talks about humility and how to effectively use feedback from others. He discusses some of his favorite methods for managing stress and using breath, as well as the self-talk that accompanies it. Darrel also explains the importance of owning what we do and how to take responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and our actions.


– Jeff and Mycal

Own it

Darrel found the inspiration to become a better man when his father got sick in 2013, he felt a deep drive to be ok with the man his father had raised. Darrel is fueled by his ability to not only communicate, but to deeply connect with the people he interacts with. He regularly expresses gratitude for the impact that his interactions with others have on his life, and has respect for the power his interactions can have on others.

“It’s no longer about your life. It’s about the people you lead and how that can fill your cup in more ways than your actual success.” — Darrel Wang

Key Takeaways

  • “Good” is not a good answer  —  When communicating, it’s important to connect with people deeply. When you ask how someone is doing, the response “good” is not good enough. Push to get more information.
  • The gift of communication  —  The way in which we communicate with those around us is incredibly powerful. The advice you give can have a huge positive or negative impact on someone else, whether it be as an athlete, a father, or an entrepreneur. Communication should be affectionate and genuine.
  • Our breath is the the most accessible way to alter our state  —  It has applications beyond athletic performance and into everyday life. Learn how to breathe like a baby, who has not yet picked up any bad habits from the world.
  • Drop the “But” — When we apologize, we often follow it with the word “but” as a justification for why we did what we did. Remove the word ‘but’ and completely own your mistakes. Stop making excuses for yourself.
  • Remember the small things  —  When it comes to working with clients, it is important to pay attention to them and what is going on in their lives. Remember what is going on with their spouse and their children. Build a relationship with depth that goes beyond business.
  • Fuel: Daily self reflection is a daily practice that fuels Darrel’s life  —  Rather than venting at the end of the day, he mindfully analyzes the decisions he made and how he could have handled them better. He also acknowledges the situations he handled well.

“I would not be anything without the people I have met, the lives I have touched, and the lives that have touched me.” — Darrel Wang

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