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The Psychology of Nutrition – FULL DEPTH 004

“If it were really as simple as eat less and workout more—everybody would have it figured out” – Leslie Schilling

You’ll find out why the healthy lifestyle many of us long for isn’t as simple to get as people suggest in our 4th episode of Barbell Shrugged Full Depth, “Food in Focus”. 

In this episode, Mike, Doug, Chris Moore and CTP travel to the birthplace of Barbell Shrugged, Memphis, TN, to spend some time with nutritionist, Leslie Schilling to discuss how to make long-lasting changes to your nutrition and lifestyle as well as the psychological effects of eating and the  consequences of too much dieting. 

The discussion gets pretty deep, going places where many of us in our community avoid talking about, like body image, body shaming, binge eating and other eating disorders. She brings up some powerful and very important points regarding diets,eating, and nutrition that, honestly, more people in our community really need to hear.

Our late friend, Chris Moore, also spends some time in the kitchen with Brandi Marter, chef and local restauranteur. Being a highly experienced chef in the restaurant and catering business, Brandi shares some great strategies on how to quickly and easily prepare healthy, delicious meals when it comes time for you to weekly meal prep.  

Truly, this episode is a treasure. So many things were discussed, that again, many of us just need to listen to and let sink in. There’s also a ton of really practical advice, strategies and tips you can take to improve your own nutrition or help others that are struggling. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


For more:

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  • Need help dialing in your nutrition? Check out our courses and training programs (Nutrition for Weightlifters, Bikini, Shredded, & Faction Foods) specifically focused on getting you to eat right and/or lose body fat. Click here to learn more.

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