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Garry Lineham: Awakening Consciousness Through Body Alignment #26

Human Garage unwinding work, Your fascia stores EVERYTHING, Consciousness and the gut, Emotional releases and more.

Guest: Garry Lineham

Garry Lineham is the Founder of Human Garage:

“At Human Garage, we pursue the Power of Alignment, balancing both body and mind to maximize the innate capacities present in each of our bodies to heal. We utilize a systemic, hands-on approach to unwinding and rebalancing body and mind. We believe by locating and releasing the origin of the problem of pain, biomechanically and biochemically, the body begins to unwind and lays the foundation for the body to heal itself.”

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Human Garage unwinding work

This episode features Ashley Bledsoe, a.k.a. Mrs. Bledsoe or Mrs. Bledsopia. Ashley was treated at Human Garage and experienced significant body releases. Some were easy, some painful. There were times when her whole body got rigid, and didn’t want to let go. The key was being able to relax.

What’s a body release?

At Human Garage, they don’t do bodywork. They do work on the body, which is different. The process of unwinding has to do with every thought, memory and emotion you have. When you are unwinding and start feeling high pain levels (say 7–8), that’s your body resisting to something. As soon as the resistance goes away, the muscles relax, let go, and you experience a (physical) body release.

You feel connected

At the end of the session you feel like your feet are heavy, and you are more connected to the ground, but also like a string is pulling you up. According to Lineham, we’re bioelectric beings. The earth has a charge, and that’s why we ground. Our connection to the ground is circuitry, and means our meridians are firing properly. If you don’t feel that way after a session, then you’re probably out of alignment.

“If we’re going to train for looks or strength, our alignment is going to suffer. But if we train for alignment, aesthetics and strength come as a natural byproduct.” — Garry Lineham


Your fascia stores EVERYTHING

Every day, your subconscious records every memory and thought you have. There is further evidence showing the brain is not in charge of the body. Garry believes fascia is in charge. He believes your sub-consciousness is the fascia in your body. 

Some people believe the heart is in charge based on magnetic fields method. For example: When someone angry walks into a room, you can feel it. Your heart is in charge of that. The organs are where all your feelings come from, and your brain interprets meaning of these feelings.

Why is it plausible that fascia is in charge?

Information travels at the speed of thought. Think about the immediate signal when you step on something sharp… that millisecond response. Think about how much time it would take for information to travel to the brain. Fascia must be giving us information.

We used to think muscles are firing one another, but not all muscles are connected. Fascia on the other hand is one continuous sheet. Most of our nerves, lymph nodes, and blood veins are inside the fascia. Fascia also transports the majority of water in the body, and provides our structural support.

“Our subconsciousness records everything that happens around us.” — Garry Lineman


What happens when something is out of alignment?

Our brain functions as the CPU of our body. For example: Imagine the arch in your foot is not working properly. Your foot is sending a signal to your brain, which runs it’s diagnosis. If it can’t figure it out, it stops worrying about it after a day or two. The brain moves on to the next task and tries to solve it.

“If things are interchangeable and simple, they’re true. The more complex we make things, usually the less true they really are.” — Garry Lineman


Consciousness and the gut

Garry’s definition of consciousness is our ability to witness a human experience. When we are born, we have a whole bunch of unconscious patterns and routines that are there to protect us. The heart develops and beats before our brain and gut are developed. Nobody can tell the difference between a developing gut and a head in the first six weeks of every human’s life. We now know that neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine come from the gut.

Try this trick: Rub your tummy clockwise, it should relax your entire body because it’s a large collection of fascia.


Emotional releases

When you experience physical releases, you may also experience deep emotional releases– like flashbacks. Emotions cover the way we see the world. If we see the world through anger, sadness or fear, it changes our perception of the world. That’s why you could have witnesses of the same event, who witnessed different stories.

At Human Garage, Garry does sub-clinical lab testing with healthy humans. He trained his staff to check people’s lab work to figure out their source of anger, sadness or fear. Results shown:


Americans generally live in fear

For example: People in LA have more adrenal issues than people in Seattle. It’s stressful to live in LA, which forms the culture. That’s why every town has a different vibe and culture. Even in our body we have culture, which is determined by how our chemistry works.


Mushrooms theory

Human beings are closer to mushrooms than the entire plants and animal kingdomsGarry holds a theory that fascia mixed with fungus: that’s how we were created! Fascia is intertwined in every part of the body. You can replace your heart, but not your fascia. Fascia is inside muscles, around muscles, and practically everywhere.

Note: Humans are genetically susceptible to fungus and yeast infections.

Mushrooms supplementation

Mike recognized the power of mushrooms through psilocybin mushrooms years ago. For the past year, he’s been supplementing with medicinal mushrooms: reishi, shiitake, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and turkey tail. And he adds metamorphosis by Elemental Wizdom to his smoothie every morning (It looks amazing! I ordered it right after listening to this one ).

Did you know? All Medical grade mushrooms grow on trees.


The body’s ability to heal

Humans have a fundamental belief the body can heal itself. If you cut your liver in half, it will grow back to full size in 6 months! The liver is the second most complex organ in our body (after the brain). Question is: Why doesn’t the rest of our body heal itself?



Garry used to spend ~$600 a month over 20 years on supplements. Today, he takes only 2–3 supplements, and gets the rest from functional foods from Elemental Wizdom. Other resources to put the body in a condition to heal itself:

Efficacy of supplementation

Figure out the right supplement for your issue. For example: Turmeric is known to help people. It’s active ingredient is corcumin, but there are three types of cocrumin: 1, 2, and 3. Garry says the 3rd type is the active one. Do your research and choose the right supplement.

Health over performance

Mike took performance supplements when he was younger, but with age, came wisdom. He now focuses on keeping the body healthy over performance, which results in better posture, better alignment, and generally feeling stronger!

“You don’t want to give the body something it doesn’t need.” — Garry Lineman


Connection through energy

We’re all connected energetically. Recently, humans used special energy measuring telescopes, which showed all stars are connected through energy – Science Mission Directorate.

Mike likes to think everything in the universe is perfect, but we let things get in the way. For example: Love and fear are not opposite. Love is ever-existing, that’s how Mike thinks about energy. There are things that block energy, but there is no less of it. Sometimes we just can’t get to it because of certain situations and emotions, like fear.


Embrace your emotions

From a very young age, we are taught to walk away from emotions; to block them. But we need to embrace our emotions. They show us our way around in life. People think stuffing their emotions can help them get stuff done, but it’s exactly the opposite: It takes energy to stuff away emotions.

“Some of the scariest moments in our lives are mitigated by emotions.” — Garry Lineham

Comedians are infamous for their big mood swings and high suicide rate. Self-defecation is a big thing in comedy; you’re laughing about brutal things that happened to you.


Age of Aquarius

A few years ago, humans moved into the age of Aquarius, which has feminine energy. The rules of engagement have changed. We were previously in a masculine energy age, which is control-based, and has lots of fear. Feminine energy has different intention, and intention changes everything. Today, there is no in-between anymore in life. You are either doing great or being torn apart.


Psychedelics, trauma and other drugs

Garry did psychedelics too early in life and had an overwhelming experience. Mike had his first experience when he was 30, and he was mentally ready. The danger with psychedelics is mostly to younger people, who aren’t mentally ready. If they stunt their consciousness too early, that can result in trauma that will leave an imprint for rest of their life. The body has the same reaction to all trauma — tight and wind.

In American culture, there is no preparation or guidance for psychedelics; that’s why it’s more dangerous to young people. Elsewhere in the world (i.e. South America), it’s better accepted and more appropriate– even for a 12 year old.

Mike Bledsoe

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