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Barbell Shrugged Ep. 275 Going Wild with the Fat-Burning Man

Going Wild with the Fat-Burning Man – Episode 275

What’s better than peeing in a cup every two weeks? If you thought, “listening to this week’s podcast of Barbell Shrugged,” then you’re more than right. On today’s episode, we spoke with the [Fat-Burning] Man himself, Abel James (@fatburningman), about his super-successful Wild Diet, how the philosophy behind it is nothing new –– yet still absolutely revolutionary –– in terms of helping one achieve physical success, and why making the most of the food that you eat every day is so important for attaining and maintaining optimum health.

Abel’s path to becoming the authority of eating right started in his early twenties, when trying to do everything “right” just wasn’t… right. After experiencing the hardship of a fire that consumed everything he owned, Abel refocused his efforts, got in shape, and took on the moniker Fat-Burning Man. During this process, he realized that many of the so-called experts were hawking products and services that were more gimmick than substance, so he began thinking in terms of natural remedies to get in shape. Ultimately, he found that a diet is not about starving yourself, but instead treating health as nature intended and eating in a way that becomes a sustainable, lifelong habit.

From this emerged Abel’s credo of eating RAW (Recently Alive and Well), and it’s the bedrock of the Wild Diet. He discusses how avoiding processed approximations of food and getting wild-caught, free-range food can help consumers become mindful of what is going into their bodies.

Stayed tuned for a fascinating and educational conversation about eating, marketing, and other fun facts, like how Abel worked for the CIA, when he once peed into a cup every two weeks, and more!

This Week on Barbell Shrugged, We Interview the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James, to Discuss:

  • Abel’s Wild Diet and its distinction from Paleo
  • The importance of eating foods that were Recently Alive and Well (RAW)
  • Taking a mindfulness practice approach to eating
  • Avoiding processed, low-quality foods

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