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Barbell Business – How to Create Awesome Videos to Grow Your Health & Fitness Business : w/ Justin Ross Monkey Reel Media

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Justin Ross of Monkey Reel Media:

  • How to shoot your own videos
  • The equipment you need to pull it off
  • The different types of videos you might want to use
  • How to name and treat your videos on Youtube to make them as findable as possible, maximizing your SEO


Want to use videos to promote your business and aren’t sure where to start? Confused about how to make it look good?

Video is taking over the internet and the apps on your phone. The world is moving to it and that’s where we need to go to meet our customer and potential clients. This week we chat with video marketing expert, Justin Ross founder of Monkey Reel Media. His specialty is in creating videos for health and fitness brands and helping you to get more clients in the door and retaining those you already have.

If you’re using great videos in your marketing you are probably experiencing more engagement with your brand. People want to connect with you and video is the best way to authentically connect from afar.

Our Monkey Reel 2016 from Monkey Reel Media on Vimeo.

Online video is without a doubt, changing the way audiences interact with ads, content, and brands. Small businesses and enterprises are starting to take advantage. As more and more platforms are allowing and optimizing for video, and a world of different devices are putting cameras directly in the hands of consumers, videos have become a new means in which people communicate and a vital way for small businesses and brands to communicate back.

To download Monkey Reel Media’s How to DIY Professional Videos for your Gym, the 3 part video series which was discussed in the show, click here. This training series is very descriptive and will help you:

  • understand the right equipment to use
  • how to get started
  • how to frame the shot
  • how to build the light kit
  • the best testimonial questions to ask your athletes

Find Justin and Monkey Reel Media on Facebook at www.facebook.com/monkeyreelmedia, Instagram @monkeyreelmedia, and on Vimeo at www.vimeo.com/monkeyreelmedia

Mike Bledsoe

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  • I’ve noticed that the topic of books constantly comes up in these podcasts. Would it be possible to start a ‘reading list’ page that includes all the books that each of these guests are reading or recommending? I always listen to these podcasts while driving or doing other work and would love to have that resource available!
    Great episode this week!

  • Honestly, my YouTube channel has grown my business simply by focusing on specific keywords. Video production is shoddy (I batch shoot like 5-10 videos at once) and there is no reason to believe anyone loves the quality. It’s more about answering a specific question in my experience.

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