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Barbell Business – How to Hire The Best Team


  • How to avoid mis-hires
  • How to pack your team with A-players
  • How hiring right actually saves you money
  • How a team of A-players will change your own mindset

For more details on the system we use to help our team manage business smoothly, watch this on-demand webinar of Barbell Logic. 

Frustrated by low performing team members? Are your coaches lacking horsepower, pride in their craft, teamwork, and/or work ethic? Not only is this really stressful, it’s also very expensive to have a team of low performers. In this episode, we’ll discuss one of the most important business systems – hiring your team.



Common Hiring Methods Just Don’t Work. The team at Top Grading polled #1 Human Resources people in the largest 100 companies in the world and they admitted only 20% of the people they hire turn out to be high performers who fit their culture. The average hiring success rate of tens of thousands of hiring managers we have polled is only 25%. Three out of four people they hire disappoint.
Most companies experience too many mis-hires because they 1) screen from resumes, 2) use behavioral interviews any candidate can fake, and 3) do superficial reference checks so there’s no verifying if candidates tell you the truth. Candidates can tell anything they choose and you end up hiring too many disruptive low performers.
Topgrading is the Most Proven Hiring Method. Business who use the Topgrading method hire A players most of the time because they 1) use a “truth serum” technique that works, 2) conduct thorough interviews that reveal all strengths and weaker points, and 3) candidates arrange reference calls, so everything a candidate writes or says is verified. Hiring decisions are made based on reliable, comprehensive information. You can read more about Topgrading at their website: http://www.topgrading.com/

Be sure to check out this on-demand webinar of Barbell Logic if you’re interested in the system we use to help our team manage business smoothly


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