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“How Can I Get Abs?” – Nuggets & Pearls

How can I get abs?

On part 4 of The Weightlifter’s Journey we talked with weightlifter and nutrition coach Adee Zukier about what it takes to take your lifting game up to the competitive level. Today, she’s back on Nuggets & Pearls with some great advice for athletes looking for big lifts and shredded abs.

Here are three great tips to get your started.

#transformationtuesday really trying to build up my legs. Be happy with your progress every step of the way!

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1. Be consistent and patient. 

The very first thing to realize is that leaning up is a process, just like growing stronger with barbells. It takes time for your body to shift and change shape when a lifestyle change occurs. Also, the simple truth is that not everyone can have knuckle-deep abdominal ridges. It’s just not in the generic cards.

But that said, EVERYONE can grow leaner and make incredible progress. You key is just remaining patient and consistent with your efforts. Just because it take you longer than someone else, doesn’t mean it’s not inevitable with continued work.

Keep working for what you want.


2. Put in more abdominal work. 

Doing endless sets of crunches in hopes of spot reducing fat is fiction. But that said, to get the abs you’re after you do need to put in A LOT of focused work.

The best way to make any muscle group more prominent is to make it bigger. So, to get the six-pack you’ve aways craved, you need to do A LOT of progressive assistance work for your abs. Hollow-body holds and rocking, weighted sit-ups, barbell twists and anti-rotation drills, banded crunches, farmers carries and yolk walks, you name it. They are all great options.

If you want a more muscular and defined core, do this work AT LEAST 2-3 days a week. The more the volume piles up the sharper those abdominal muscle will get.


3. How much fuel do you need? 

It sounds too simple, but most people fail to get the body they’re after because they have no idea how much food they’re eating.

You have to raise your awareness by tracking your activity levels, then determining whether you’re eating too many calories, or perhaps just too much of one given macronutrient. There are endless options you could try, but the simplest place to start is with an app like My Fitness Pal. After just a few uses, you might immediately see where you’re going wrong in the kitchen.

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