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How to Get Strong Now: Introduction


  • First off a big thanks for the amazing content you guys put out there, super informative and entertaining. Legends!

    Quick Q for you guys in terms of this strength based work:

    How do you guys feel about the importance of isolation work work when developing overall strength? If it is a plus factor how does one programme it in with the volume of work that is already in place from the compound movements?

    Thanks BS


  • I am really interested in participating in both the MGC and Flight (whenever registration becomes available again), but I am unsure if I am a good fit for either program. I am about to be 38 years old and in reasonably good physical condition (5’11″/180 lbs/ 11% BF) thanks to 21 years in the Army. However, I have very limited experience with weightlifting, specifically the Olympic lifts. I have been doing Stronglifts 5×5 for about 3 months and have had pretty good progress thus far (205# BS / 245# DL / 150# BP / 130# BR / 95# OHP), but I don’t feel like I am properly addressing my body’s imbalances with respect to mobility/stability. Additionally, I find the overall athleticism and power of the Olympic lifts more appealing than the raw strength of powerlifting. So, my question is can a true beginner at my age achieve real gains in strength, power, and technique in either of your programs?

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