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Barbell Business – How To Make Your Box Stand Out In A Flooded Market


  • The benefits of differentiating your CrossFit box and the services you offer and how that set you apart in a flooded market.
  • How to add more value propositions so you can charge more for your monthly service.
  • Why you need to think of your fitness service as a product and how to create massive value specific to your target market.
  • Why you need to delegate and create a automated structure as an owner of a gym so you can focus on leading.


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Mike Bledsoe

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  • I was wondering what you did/do with all your existing CrossFit clients when you implemented the screening and 30-day custom programming…did you have anyone who was already there go through it, did they just get grandfathered in? I’m really hesitant about any change because I’m not sure how to handle existing members in a way that they aren’t missing out on the new and improved systems I want to put in place while also keeping their loyalty with changes and price raises.

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