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Barbell Business – Master The Art of Leadership

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • They journey from follower to leader
  • Qualities of a leader
  • Old school vs today’s leadership roles
  • How to develop the leader within you

There’s a journey you go on as a leader.

In that transition from solopreneur to leader, you need to change your role and learn how to inspire and encourage your team to buy into the collective mission and vision. Transitioning into a position of leadership is one of the hardest things to do and is something we at Barbell Business are continually developing within ourselves.

In this show, we discuss what we’ve learned so far – we hope this guides you on your journey as well. 


Enjoy the show!





Mike Bledsoe

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  • Hi Jessica, you guys were super nice to send a shout out to your audience about our work about a week ago. We’re helping independent gym owners all over the country to create innovative gym brands. If you ever need content or a cast regarding gym branding, design and marketing we would be happy to offer our experiences. Best, Cuoco Black

  • This question is for mike. I have a hernia and was wondering as you are into Olympic lifting and cross fit. What was the timeline of the weight you could lift and when do you think I would start back lifting and then when in your estimate would I be back to the weights I was at?? Would really appreciate your insight!

    • Hey Dustin, Mike is traveling right now so he sent me this via text for you: “I spent 8 weeks doing bodyweight and really focusing on core stability with gymnastics movements. Started adding the barbell back in slowly with an emphasis on movement 8 weeks afterward. Week by week just adding 5-10 pounds on lifts. Good luck!”

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