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John Wolf, Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer #11

John Wolf is the owner and founder of Wolf Fitness Systems, a well known unconventional gym in California that focuses on the integration of various movement theories along with unconventional tools. It is not uncommon to see John training people with kettlebells, clubs, maces, sandbags, suspension training tools or with no equipment at all. His belief is that unconventional training and its various tools have limitless potential for application once a level of proficiency is developed.

Before becoming the Director of Fitness Education for the Onnit Academy, John spent several years as the US Director of Operations and sat on the board of the International Education Committee for another well-known unconventional fitness organization. Along with this experience, he brings a high level of enthusiasm and passion for the mission of Onnit and the Onnit Academy.

Mike Bledsoe

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