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Ask Dr. T: Knee Pain During Running?

“Dr. T,

I have been having some nasty knee pain every time a workout pops up with running.

I have really tight ankles and it can affect my squats as well. My knee will flare up with higher rep squatting, but nowhere near as painful as when I am running.

It usually takes me three full days before my knees stop hurting even after just a few 400’s. I know this is not normal as I have been a runner in the past. I thought lifting would help the problem, but it looks like my ankles are in really bad shape.

I know there is nothing structurally wrong (yet) with my ankles, but I need to nip this in the bud quickly.”

— Brandon (Denver, CO)


Instead of thinking of running as a skill inside a vacuum, think about each step as a repetition of a single leg movement. Running is and incredible complex movement that is rarely understood by strength athletes.

Every time your foot hits the ground, 200 pounds of force is being driven into your foot, absorbed, and then shot back through your body. The ankle absorbs the majority of the impact as the foot rolls through the running motion.

If the ankle is missing full dorsiflexion, it is unable to absorb the force of the ground the way it is meant to. This puts additional stress on the knee joint up the chain.

Even in a 400-meter run, you are taking over 100 incorrect strides on each leg. The weight of your body, plus poor ankles, and excessive reps has only one place to go: pain.

Fix your ankles and your knees will love you.


You can start your day with ankle specific mobility that will pay dividends throughout your day. The Knee Fix morning routine incorporates proper breathing, mobility, and movements specific to eliminating knee pain. Running should be enjoyable, not making your knees bark at you every time you take a jog.

To start this process, we have created a simple, six-minute morning routine to help you eliminate your knee pain. To gain instant access to your free morning routine, click the link below.

Thanks for reading!


Anders Varner

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