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Lessons from a Strongwoman

Talia, you’ve been training for powerlifting and strongman meet for many years now. In fact, we’ve even lifted in the same competition a few times. What’s your best advice for women looking to build strength and kick ass? – C

Here are 3 awesome lessons I’ve learned about about being a strong woman.

1. Never underestimate your capabilities. “I could never do that!” “I’ll never be that strong!” “I’ve always been weak!” What a bunch of BS! Sometimes we may not know what we are capable of achieving, but having the attitude that something is unattainable is a huge mistake. I’ve surprised myself time and time again. I’ve pushed my body beyond its limits and then some. When I started my journey, I promised myself it would be a process of discovery and every step along the way would be a small victory. My expectations were that I would learn and do work. I believed, and still do believe that anything is possible. Don’t count yourself out, EVER.


407.9# deadlift after completing 4 strongwoman events, squatting 358.2 and benching 170.9 #beastofthebluegrass #powerlifting #strongwoman #deadlift #cubemethod #aintnobitch

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2. Embrace that your body will change. You will gain weight. You will lose weight. Your shape will change to reflect your hard work. Your conception of your beauty will grow and shift as you grow and become stronger. You’ll have muscles. Lots of them. Your clothes won’t fit anymore. You’ll be resolved to wearing stretchy things most of the time. Your body is your house. Its transformation is one of the most eye-opening and powerful things you will ever experience. Don’t shy away from this change. There is nothing to be afraid of! Build your house…brick by brick.

3. Be a positive example. You never know just how you will impact the world or even one person. Women can be extremely competitive and not so nice to one another. Knock that shit off! Seriously. Be proud of your lifter sisters and be a light for other women in strength sports. Some of the most rewarding emails I have ever received are from women who write me saying that their daughters look to me as a role model or that they decided to become strong because they saw me pick up a car or pull a big deadlift. What an incredible honor! That comes with great responsibility. Strong women have the ability to inspire and empower other women who may need an extra push or our little girls who need to know that they can be strong and beautiful no matter what! If it’s at your gym, at work or on social media, always put your best foot forward and know that your reach is far beyond what you perceive.

Lots of love and strength,


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