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Barbell Business – Why Great Entrepreneurs Are Also Great Lovers w/ Ashley Bledsoe

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • Love = success (Pretty simple, right?)

4 years ago, Mike wanted a divorce. . .

In the thick of starting Barbell Shrugged and trying to manage Faction S&C, he and his wife Ashely were completely disconnected and their relationship was broken. He thought his life was just too different from her’s. She couldn’t even begin to understand the debilitating pursuit of greatness driving him a million miles an hour.

Likewise, Ashley felt completely alone and taken for granted. She quit her career to support her busy entrepreneurial husband. Naturally, she grew resentful, fearful and angry – and it showed in almost every interaction they had togehter.

Back then, Mike and Ashley would have said they were on the last leg of a failed relationship.

Now we won’t get into the details of what exactly happened to change this all around – so we’ll just say Mike had a major revelation! After this “revelation,” he came home and actually listened to Ashley for the first time in years. As Ashley spilled her guts for hours, she also had a pretty profound realization. She didn’t really know what she wanted from him. They both came to find that a few simple changes would save their marriage. In doing so, they fell in love all over again.

Fast forward to today, Ashley is now running women’s rejuviation retreats for partners of entrepreneurs and Mike is known as the love guru in many business circles. In this episode, Mike, Ashley, Doug and AJ discuss some of their biggest relationship pitfalls, several of their favorite resources, lessons learned, and why love is really the key to success.



“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie – several questions to go through in your mind when you feel triggers of anger, fear, or any other disabling emotion that cause unwanted stress. You can see these questions in her free booklet. This is a way to process what’s happened as something you can control as opposed to something that’s happened to you.

The 36 Questions that Lead to Love – A set of personal probing questions that can make you fall in love with anyone.

The Last Safe Investment – these are the new rules to financial success. Awesome book written by Mike’s business coach, Bryan Franklin.

The Woman Beside the Man – Ashley’s women’s rejuviation retreat for partners of entrepreneurs.

Camp Bledsopia – The Bledsoes’ retreat coming up in March 2016. It’s like adult summer camp where you’ll learn how to create a mission driven lifestyle with more passion and less frustration.


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