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Lunges and Split Squats For More Leg Strength and Less Back Pain Technique WOD 55

Lunges and split squats are great for developing your legs.

With a vertical back the training stress can is completely focused on your legs.

During squats and deadlifts many people will fail as their low back gets tired, resulting in their legs not being taxed as much as they could have been before they have to stop because their form broke down by rounding their back.

Similarly, lunges and split squats are also a great idea for leg training when you have a hurt back.  This is so for the same reason, the stress on your back is reduced compared to squats and deadlifts.

Plus the weight used is usually much less on lunges and split squats because you aren’t as strong as in a split stance as you are in a squat (one leg vs. two legs… kinda) so the compressive load on the spine is reduced.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t load your back with big weight on properly performed squat and deadlifts, you should, but if you’re back is a little bit beat up and/or hurting and you still need to train your legs then lunges and split squats are a great option!

Here’s the progression I like from beginner to advanced:
  1. Band assisted split squat
  2. Bodyweight split squat
  3. Loaded split squat
  4. Loaded forward lunge
  5. Loaded reverse lunge
  6. Loaded rear foot elevated split squats and front foot elevated reverse lunges
The details on technique are in the video below!  Enjoy!
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