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The Science of Biomechanics and Human Movement w/ Dr. Scott Lynn – 280

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This was one of the most enjoyable shows we’ve done all year.   Really, really enjoyed speaking with Dr. Scott Lynn.

He earned a PhD in Biomechanics and is now an associate professor of Kinesiology/Biomechanics at Cal State Fullerton.  Loosely put, biomechanics is the study of how forces effect your body (stress —> adaptation) as well as how the forces produced by your body effect the world (moving yourself and objects… in our case heavy barbells).

Want to know how front squats are different than back squats?  Is there a difference in muscular activation?  Is there a difference in the stresses on the hips, knees and lower back?  Scott has you covered.  Collecting, analyzing and interpreting this kind of data is exactly what biomechanists do on a daily basis (often using cool things like 3D motion capture systems like the ones used to make video games and animated movie characters).

In this episode Dr. Lynn teaches us:

  • Why scoring well on a movement screen could actually make you MORE likely to get hurt
  • How you can use “movement variability” to stay healthy and minimize injury
  • Why your lower back isn’t designed to “move under load” and how to avoid lower back pain
  • How he tests muscular activation in his laboratory

Enjoy the show!

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