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Is Your Doctor Lying To You? Debunking Nutrition And Hormonal Myths with Dr. Ken Berry — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #21

There are some “universal truths” about food, health, and the wisdom of our doctors that we all take for granted – but in this episode of Muscle Maven Radio, Ashleigh speaks with practicing physician Dr. Ken Berry bout his book, Lies My Doctor Told me, in an effort to debunk some faulty research and flawed advice as well as empower individuals to do their own research, ask questions, and work with their doctors to achieve optimal health—rather than simply taking every piece of information we see at face value. We discuss the complicated topic of hormone health and hormone replacement therapy, we deep dive into different diet approaches including paleo, keto, and carnivore, and we ask deeply important questions like, are BBQ and coffee bad for you or what?  


 Dr. Ken Berry is a practicing board certified physician, an Amazon best-selling author, and a passionate advocate of health on his YouTube channel where he has over 600,000 subscribers. Along with his online presence, he is active in his own community of Camden Tennessee where he has been practicing at The Berry Clinic since 2003. Dr. Berry is known for his direct, no nonsense approach to health and wellness. After signing with Victory Belt Publishing House this year, Dr. Berry just released a second edition of his best-selling book Lies My Doctor Told Me. He is also in the process of writing his second book called Common Sense Keto for Type II Diabetes



Minute Breakdown: 


5 – 20 Intro into Dr. Berry and his provocative book, Lies My Doctor Told Me, the problematic culture of symptom-based medicine, and overworked doctors who don’t have time read research or address their patients in a holistic way. How to broach subjects or concerns or ask questions of your doctor without causing problems. 


20 – 42 We talk about hormones: why women are more than just estrogen; key points women should be aware regarding hormonal health; issues with synthetic hormone replacements; and ways to improve hormone profiles naturally. Also: are the negative symptoms of menopause avoidable? 


42 – 57  A discussion of paleo, keto, and carnivore diets, how they work, and when they can be useful to treat certain health challenges 


57 –  Debunking some health myths around meat consumption and preparation (is grilling and blackening your meat bad? Are preserved meats always unhealthy? Can I eat a hot dog without feeling guilty?) We also talk about the flaws in some food research including flawed study design and misinterpretation—purposely or otherwise—of data  


Learn more at kenberrymd.com – from there you can access a ton of free information via his YouTube channel and social media.

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