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Foxy, Fit, and Functional – You Can Have It All With Marcus Filly’s Functional Bodybuilding Approach — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #14

Marcus Filly grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and had a collegiate career in soccer at the University of California, Berkeley. There he earned his degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition and Physiology. After Berkeley he complete a year of graduate work at the Ohio State University School of Medicine. His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to CrossFit in 2007. He has gone on to compete at the CrossFit Games 6 times, three times as an individual (2016 12th fittest) and three times as a team member (2012 6th fittest team). Marcus has been a health and fitness coach for ten years since leaving medical school in 2009. He was formerly a CrossFit facility owner for five years, has completed all five of the OPEX CCP courses, and has coached clients remotely from all over the world. Marcus founded Revival Strength, based in San Rafael, California, to help clients from diverse fitness backgrounds fall in love with their training. Revival Strength also offers remote and online group training programs.

What better way to work on looking, feeling, and performing better than to learn from someone who’s had a lot of success doing it. Elite CrossFit athlete, gym owner, and trainer Marcus Filly talk to us about the evolution of his own approach to training, mindset and coaching as he went from his twenties to thirties, and his shift in approach from maximum intensity competitive CrossFit to longevity, recovery, and functional training, while still maintaining a high level of performance (and beach bod muscles). We talk about the growth of functional bodybuilding, his personalized approach to coaching, how he works, trains, and eats, and how to shift your mindset: stop comparing your current self to your former self, and instead embrace new challenges, goals, and training paradigms.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 19 What is functional bodybuilding? We dive straight into a meathead discussion on injury prevention, hybrid training, and how to manage our desire for intensity and tendency for overtraining. How can high performing and recreational athletes alike still chase goals, challenge themselves, and look good in different phases of their life?  

19 – 29 How to remove the ego from training; why pain is a powerful motivator; why comparison rarely has the positive outcomes you hope it will; and how exploring new training methodologies can improve your fitness as you get older  

29 – 33 Talking about his experience training under James Fitzgerald and taking all 5 of the OPEX CCP courses and how this informs his training and coaching

33 – 38 Why the key, as a trainer, is to listen and truly understand what clients want; being able to support both elite athletes and the majority of people who just want to look and feel better without simply pushing your own personal approach

38 –  52 What’s a day in Marcus’ life like? How does he balance work and health, and how does he turn his challenges—in life and business—into learning opportunities  

52 – We chat about nutrition and his personal approach, including some testing he had recently that informed him that he shouldn’t be drinking coffee – Ashleigh offers an alternative 

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