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Don’t Blame It On Genetics: Dr. Anthony Jay Tells Us How To Work With, Instead of Against, Our Genes — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #28

Dr. Anthony Jay is well known for his book Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile, all about a class a class of chemicals that appear almost everywhere in our daily lives (from skincare to food to water and beyond) and how these unconscious daily exposures can cause weight-gain, depression, infertility and many other exploding health problems, as well as how we can address this systemic problem. Today, though, Ashleigh and Dr. Jay will mostly be talking about his work with DNA consulting, and how he can interpret the results of simple saliva DNA tests to tell you much more about your physiology than any of those generic website-based programs will. They talk about the confluence of genetics and epigenetics (how lifestyle factors can alter genetic expression), why they’re both important, and how you can empower yourself with information to customize the ideal diet, lifestyle, and workouts for your own optimal health and longevity. We also talk about some of his super cool work involving designing viruses for the government, cutting open brains, and a hobby called “mutton busting.” You don’t want to miss this one!


Anthony G Jay, PhD, is the President and CEO of AJ Consulting Company. Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with a double major in Biology and Theology from Ave Maria University in Naples,  Florida, where he researched HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) inhibitors.  After college, he continued to work with virus in the context of Alzheimer’s disease for the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.Next, Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine, researching fats, hormones, and cholesterol Dr. Jay currently is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota researching stem cells, epigenetics, and infrared light. Dr. Jay is a also the author of bestselling book Estrogeneration. 

Minute Breakdown: 


5 – 14  Intro to what Dr. Jay is researching these days, and a brief discussion of his daughter’s recent hobby, “mutton busting” 


14 – 24   Talking about his DNA consulting business and some of the major “issues” he sees; the difficulty with standard testing because ranges are too broad and not necessarily reflective of optimal health, just what happens to be “average” in our society 


24 – 27  Dr. Jay talks about his past projects in labs creating and testing viruses for the government and his work with Alzheimer’s research 


27 – 40  The benefits of companies that sequence your DNA for you; what Dr. Jay thinks about fears of misuse of genetic information; how Dr. Jay interpret these results to get actual personal and useful information above and beyond the simple analyses the website generally provide  


40 –47  A discussion of ways to address genetic issues and alter genetic expression; apparently we have more control over our genes than we think! How being aware of your “faulty” genes can actually empower you to make smarter decisions that lead to improved health 


47 –53  What tends to be different about athlete DNA (it may surprise you!). Why it’s important to respect both your genetic profile and epigenetics—and the earlier you take control, the better. 


53 – 60 The major differences he sees in men and women’s data, and addressing hormonal imbalances. 


1:00 – 1:04 telomere testing – is it accurate and worthwhile? What can these tests tell you? 


58 – General guidelines for supplementation, things we’re generally missing  


1:04 – 1:13 why there’s no such thing as a perfect diet; Dr. Jay’s experience conducting a crowd-sourced carnivore diet while testing telomere length 


1:13  – We talk about his groundbreaking book Estrogeneration, including key lifestyle factors that can mess with your hormones and how to avoid the dreaded gynecomastia  



Learn more and book a DNA consultation at ajconsultingcompany.com and say hi to Dr. Jay on Instagram @anthonygjay

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