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A “Strong First” Approach To Improving Performance And Combatting Autoimmune Disease With Dr. Emily Kiberd — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #15

Dr. Kiberd is a chiropractic physician and founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic in New York City; the clinic’s mission is to optimize every patient’s health, so they live—sprint, lift, race, or stand—without pain. Dr. Kiberd earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States, in Portland, Oregon. She is a 200-hour-certified yoga instructor, and develops wellness programs for corporate clients, including Fortress Investment Group, Corbin Capital, Sundance Channel, and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Kiberd also helps yoga instructors deepen their understanding of anatomy and biomechanics through in-depth workshops. Her expertise spans several therapeutic fields: biomechanics, yoga, and functional movement patterns.

This week Ashleigh talks with Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractic physician and founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic in New York City, about what a strength-focused, holistic chiropractor actually does and does not do; what is hypermobility, why it can be problematic for stability and athletic performance, and how to address it; and how strength training can improve mobility and stability, and (surprisingly) address issues like autoimmune disease, a complex and varied health challenge that disproportionally effects women.

Minute Breakdown:

3 – 18 Introduction to chiropractic physician Dr. Emily Kiberd and what she offers at her Manhattan-based Urban Wellness Clinic; why clamshells aren’t always the answer with PT and hip mobility; addressing the myth that chiropractors only deal with the spine; and when is chiropractic medicineis NOT the answer

18 – 25 What does it mean to have hypermobility, and why is it a problem? How do you address and manage hypermobility?  

26 – Dr. Kiberd dives deep into the challenge of autoimmune issues and symptoms, gut health, and how her clinic can address these challenges. She discusses her own struggles with autoimmune disorder, and talks about her Thyroid Strong program to manage thyroid health through lifestyle factors and strength training.

40 – 43 How breath work and posture work can assist with mobility, strength, and movement   

43 – 1:03 Why many women (and men) should do less cardio and more strength work; why perfecting strength basics is crucial; and how physical strength carries over into other areas of your life by building mental resiliency  

1:03 – Dr Kiberd talks about working with pregnant women, and the importance of mobility and strength training in preparing for the physical exertion of birth. She talks about her own experience with home birth, why she changed her mind about her birth plan after touring a hospital, how she’s approaching her upcoming second home birth

1: 24 – A quick chat about Acupuncture: when it’s good, how and why it works   

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