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The Evolution Of CrossFit, And Finding Space For Everyone In Fitness With Will Lanier, Founder Of The Out Foundation — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #5

Will Lanier has worked for the past decade as a CrossFit Coach and general manager for Brick New York, and has spent time working for other fitness organizations like Barry’s Bootcamp and 24 Hour Fitness. He’s now the founder of The Out Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to remove the barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals access and participation in health, wellness and fitness to ensure their success through fun, inclusive fundraising events like OUTWOD and by providing health and fitness-related scholarships to LGBTQ youth.

Today is a fun walk down CrossFit memory lane, as well as peering into the future of the sport: Ashleigh chats with fellow CrossFit NYC OG Will Lanier about the early days of CrossFit in New York City, his work as a trainer who helped bring the Brick fitness franchise to the city, his experience as a gay man in CrossFit, and his current work as founder of The Out Foundation/ OUTWOD fundraising events, with a goal to increase inclusiveness and access to CrossFit for everyone including those in the LGBTQ community. We talk about transgender competitors in CrossFit and other sports, and why CrossFit is so unique in its ability to bring people together.



Minute Breakdown:

0 – 26 Intro to Will’s background at CrossFit NYC, becoming a trainer, the growth of CrossFit in New York and worldwide

26 – 44 How he came to start his foundation and what it’s about, what OUTWOD is, about the fun and learning that comes with creating your own community; why inclusiveness is important for everyone and why it doesn’t have to be political; what he learned working all the different types of fitness organizations from CrossFit to a more globo-gym environment

44 – A discussion on trans athletes competing in different sports from CrossFit to MMA, the complexity of the regulations, and why testosterone levels shouldn’t be the main determinant for who can compete in women’s categories

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