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Supporting Women in Combat Sports: Society Nine’s Lynn Le — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #23

Today’s episode is about the transformative power of combat sports, especially for women, and the company doing its part to support those women. Lynn Le is the founder of Society Nine, a women’s performance and lifestyle brand that makes high quality boxing gear and activewear specifically for a woman. We chat about the importance of addressing physiological differences when designing fight gear; we talk training, competing, and fueling; we talk about women’s history and place in combat sports; and we touch on the truly life-altering and empowering feeling of knowing how to throw a good punch.  


Lynn Le is the founder and CEO of Society Nine, a women’s performance and lifestyle brand offering high quality boxing gear and activewear. She was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Retail/E-Commerce for the Class of 2018, and Portland Business Journal’s 40 under 40 for 2017. Frustrated with the lack of quality options for women’s gear in boxing fitness, Society Nine is disrupting an industry that has underserved a passionate community of women all over the world who are on a journey to uncover their power from within and need quality, high performing gear to do so. Based in Portland, Oregon, the hub of sports innovation and home to some of the biggest sports brands in the world, Society Nine’s mission is to create tools that strengthen women to uncover their power in mind, body, and soul. 


Show Overview: 


Minute Breakdown:


5 – 16 Intro to Lynn and Society Nine; her first experience with martial arts and the transformative effect it had on her, and subsequent feedback from other women in the community who couldn’t find properly-fitting gloves resulting in starting her company


16 – 26  Explaining the differences in women’s hands and the research behind developing gloves that work specifically for women’s physiology  


26 – 35 Discussing the science of hand wraps and why different weighted gloves are better for different disciplines 


35 – 40  A deep dive into the background and impetus of the company and its, drawing from Spartan and Greek mythology and women’s journey in breaking through invisible barriers in sport 


40 – 48 A conversation about the differences between training and competing in martial arts and combat sports; what it takes to be a competitor, and the unique barriers for people who just want to train rather than compete 


48  – How Lynn recovers, eats, and works out; why she doesn’t believe in the phrase “work life balance” and her challenges as a “recovering gym rat”



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