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You Are More Than Your Diet: A Conversation with Mike Mutzel — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #29

“Metabolic Mike” Mutzel is a leader in the fields of ketogenic eating and fasting, but there’s more to his story (and yours) than food. Ashleigh and Mike dive deep into the importance of mindset and mindfulness around eating, and how the way you think about your food literally effects your metabolic response to that food. Mike talks about how health and fitness saved him from a troubled childhood; he discusses some of the recent research around the benefits of fasting, nutrient timing, seasonal eating, and an overall focus on mindfulness over an obsession for the “perfect” diet.  

 Guest Bio:  

Mike Mutzel, MS has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Western Washington University, a Masters Degree in Human Clinical Nutrition from University of Bridgeport and is the author of Belly Fat Effect. He makes videos and podcasts to help everyday people around the world learn how to stay lean and metabolically healthy. Learn more at highintensityhealth.com  

Minute Breakdown: 

 4 – 21  Intro to Mike and his background in bodybuilding, a troubled childhood with drugs and alcohol, and how finding his way back to health and fitness “saved his life.” 

  21 – 34  How he became interested in fasting for overall health, gut health, and body composition; the connection between gut health and your metabolic response to food; the physiological benefits of mindfulness around eating, including chewing more, not looking at a screen, and sharing food with loved ones. 

34 –  42 A discussion of research studies on how the way you “feel” about a food effects how your body uses and digests that food. 

42 – 48  Why diet “breaks” or cyclical dieting is generally better than aiming for perfection, from both a physiological and mental perspective. 

48 – 56  A discussion of different types/lengths of fasts and which are best for addressing specific issues or goals. 

56 – 1:04 The importance of fasting and exercise for autophagy; and Mike explains why fasting doesn’t make you lose muscle. 

 1:04 – 1:09 Differences in nutrient timing and different fasting windows as it relates to circadian rhythms. 

1:09 – 1:18 Mike talks about his family’s approach to eating: focusing on eating food that’s local and seasonal, with carb levels that are congruent to daily activity. 

 1:18  – Mike’s thoughts on feeding kids a keto diet 


Conclusion: Follow Mike on Instagram @metabolic_mike, his website highintensityhealth.com, and check out his fantastic YouTube channel and podcast High Intensity Health.


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