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Crushing Addiction, Stereotypes, and Watermelons with GRRRL Founder Kortney Olson — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #30

This week, Ashleigh speaks with the owner of “the world’s deadliest thighs,” Kortney Olson. You may have seen her viral videos, crushing watermelons between her legs and other awesome feats of strength, but there’s more to Kortney than big muscles and a personality to match. Having struggled through disordered eating and addiction, it’s been a long road to acceptance and perseverance for the woman who can now call herself an armwrestling champion, international bodybuilding competitor, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur (she’s the founder of GRRRL clothing). We talk fitness, her explant experience, and how to re-wire our brains and our attitudes for positivity, happiness, and confidence. Oh, and watermelon-crushing, we talk about that too.  


Kortney is an Australian Womenʼs arm wrestling champion, Queensland state Brazilian Jiu jitsu champion, three time international bodybuilding competitor, author, TV personality, certified personal trainer and Olympic lifting and CrossFit coach.  

If you think youʼve seen Kortney before, itʼs probably because youʼve seen her smashing watermelons with her thighs on the Internet or TV or being described as the “woman with the world’s deadliest thighs” by Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics; a title she holds with pride.  

She is also dedicated to empowering young people and women to be confident and strong and gain self-acceptance through her annual Grrrl Live events and her fast growing apparel company Grrrl. 

Minute Breakdown: 

 8 – 14  An intro to Kortney and her work  

   14 – 22    “Goals not controls” Tools she uses to stay on track, how to avoid feeling like you and your work is “never enough” and ways she’s worked through a difficult past to find acceptance – and still working through it 

  22 –  29 Ashleigh asks Kortney about how we can all work to instill and encourage true confidence in women—both young ones, and grown women who have had low self-esteem for most of their lives  

 29 – 41  Kortney tells us about her experience with implants and her subsequent explant surgery due to severe negative reaction; this leads to a larger conversation about the way we look at women’s bodies in the fitness industry specifically 

  41 –53  What Kortney’s training currently looks like 

 53 – 61  How Kortney organizes her day and attempts to balances health and her many work projects 

 61– 1:06 How to persevere in your work despite criticism; how to avoid becoming sidetracked and crushed by other people’s opinions  

 1:06 – 1:10 Kortney tells us what’s next for her, and for us, including a watermelon-crushing strength program 

Visit grrrl.com and say hi on social media @kortney_olson and @grrrl_clothing

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