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Orgasmic Birth, Hyper-Flexibility, And What Happened To My Abs? Busting Myths About Fitness During And Post-Pregnancy With The Fit Fourth Founder Melissa Paris — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #9

Melissa Paris is a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a background in anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and medical nutrition that helps her coach clients of at any age to master their fitness and wellness goals. She has developed a fitness program called The Fit Fourth to help moms gain back strength and confidence postpartum. This class covers breathing techniques, posture, and core; all essential foundational skills needed before high impact activities. The FF helps transition new moms back in to running, HIIT classes, and weight training as well as support long term goals.

Ashleigh chats with personal trainer Melissa Paris, founder of The Fit Fourth program for new moms, to chat all about the myths, fears, challenges, and goals surrounding pregnancy and post-pregnancy health and fitness. They cover topics like ab separation; pelvic floor health; the type, frequency, and intensity of workouts for pregnant women and new moms; how to prepare for the type of birth you want to have, and much more.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 8 Intro to Melissa’s passion for postpartum health and her fitness program The Fit Fourth; a discussion about scary post-pregnancy fitness myths  

8 – 13 Special considerations and fitness needs for pregnant and postpartum women; what diastasis recti (ab separation) is and how to manage it

13 – 17   Generally what kinds of movements and workouts are good for pregnant women, as well as a discussion about frequency and intensity

17 – 27 We talk pelvic health and why it’s important for everyone, male or female, pregnant or not; the differences between an over or underactive pelvic floor, and when kegels are helpful or not so helpful  

27 – 36 A discussion about birth plans, birth positions, ways to prepare yourself for “the big show”

36 – 39 Are orgasmic births really a thing?

39 – 47 How to manage workouts, stability, and pain when you experience increased flexibility and loosening of joints and ligaments as the body prepares for birth.  

47 –Resources and ways to find a knowledgeable trainer or training program for pregnant or post-natal women

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