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Attitude Is Everything: Learning From Pro Bodybuilder and Marathon Runner Kristin Rowell — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #27

Turns out you can have it all – if you’re intentional and mindful about what that means to you! Speaker, consultant, coach, and all-around superwoman Kristin Rowell chats with Ashleigh about her trajectory from lawyer to marathon runner to professional bodybuilder – and succeeding at all of them simultaneously –and how her unique mix of Type A personality and meditative mindset enabled her to find joy and health within a very busy lifestyle. They talk about the myth that you can’t train for endurance and strength at the same time; the myth that you can’t compete in bodybuilding and have a healthy mindset; and of course, the myth that only dudes like meathead things! This is a great discussion about the power, happiness, and self-discovery that can come from being truly intentional with your plans: creating and achieving goals that you set for your own intrinsic reasons, not for external validation. 


Kristin helps lawyers, doctors, dentists, CEOs and other professionals maximize their time and energy.  During her many years as a trial lawyer, Kristin ran 24 marathons and became a natural professional bodybuilder in the Figure division.  She ran her fastest (and fasted!) marathon (and earned her pro card in bodybuilding after breaking her right leg in 10 places and recovering from that injury in record time.  Kristin founded Energetically Efficient to help professionals take control of their health and fitness so that they can achieve even greater levels of professional success and satisfaction.  Kristin speaks around the country on the topics of motivation, mindset, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.   

Minute Breakdown: 


5 – 13  Intro to Kristin, talking about the differences in bodybuilding prep for women and men, her background as a lawyer, marathon runner, and then bodybuilder – somehow finding success in all three simultaneously, even after falling and breaking her leg in ten places! 


13 – 22  Her thoughts on the myth that you can’t train for and be good at strength building and endurance disciplines at the same time; how to be intentional and efficient with training (working smarter rather than harder)  


22 –30  How she dealt with and improved from her injury even when she couldn’t workout the way she used to, and how to use obstacles as opportunities for growth   


30 – 39  Why she decided to pursue bodybuilding (at age 40). Kristin and Ashleigh’s thoughts on how you can do bodybuilding in a way that shows self-love and discipline rather than an unhealthy obsession 


39 – 45 The Importance of maintaining perspective and always having multiple interests, even when you’re training or working towards a specific goal; how to deal with the “post competition depression” 


44 – 58 How Kristin relaxes, and how “rest and recovery” can look different for different people. Talking about her journey to consistent meditation, including hiring a meditation coach, and how it’s improved her life. The importance of mindfulness and meditation—especially for Type A people who don’t want to do it or don’t think they have the time. 


58 – 1:04 A discussion about drugs and steroids in female bodybuilding and our personal experiences in the sport.   


1:04 – 1:09 Kristin outlines her carb cycling routine for losing fat and gaining muscle 


1:09 – 1:14 We talk about the usefulness of temporary “reset” diets for appetite and craving control, including a nose-to-tail carnivore approach we have both employed 


1:14 –  Talking about her new business, educating individuals and groups about strength training, nutrition, and how to be the best person you can be. 


 Learn more at energeticallyefficient.com, and say hi to Kristin on Instagram @mngoldengirl 


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