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Risking it All for a Simpler, Happier Life: Valentine Thomas On Why She Quit Her Job As A Lawyer To Become A Professional Free Diver, Spear-fisher and Conservationist — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #2

Canadian-born Valentine Thomas is a trained lawyer who worked in finance in London for six years before leaving it all to travel the world and spread the word about eating and fishing responsibly. She’s a Freediving Instructor with PADI, professional traveller, accomplished chef, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and soon-to-be cookbook author.

Learn why a trained lawyer left her cushy job and life in London to live in her car before becoming a free-diver, spear-fisher, chef, and sustainable fishing and eating advocate. We discuss the risks and joys of working in the ocean; the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated profession; how she got over a near-drowning and subsequent fear of the water by becoming a freediving instructor; tips on how to hunt, shop, and eat sustainably and ethically; and why it’s important to spend your time doing what you love (even if it’s risky).

Episode Breakdown:

4-16 Why Valentine quit her lucrative career to become a spearfisher and free diver, and what it takes to learn these challenging and dangerous skills

17–25: Why hunting is a primal, and deeply respectful, part of human nature, and how to get people to care more about ethical eating– whether you’re vegan, carnivore, or anywhere in between

25-36: We talk about the realities and challenges of her life (despite the glamorous Instagram account), including sleeping in her car, having a voice in a male-dominated world, and maintaining relationships when you’re never in one place

36–54: All about risks: how Valentine overcame near -drowning and a deathly fear of the water (including severe anxiety and agoraphobia) to enjoy a life spent almost entirely in the water; a discussion on the inherent risks and rewards of stepping outside the box of what’s expected of you and doing what truly makes you happy

54: Helpful tips on the best and worst fish to eat as well as how we can all make the best food choices for ourselves and the planet

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