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The Art Of Breath: How Controlling Your Breath Can Improve Your Health, Physical Performance, And Mental Function With Rob Wilson — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #6

Rob Wilson is a coach with Power Speed Endurance which is a programming, coaching and educational platform for developing sports performance, fitness and health—and it’s not only for high level endurance athletes but anyone looking to improve their health and fitness through increased movement efficiency and better mechanics. Rob travels the country teaching the Art of Breath clinic, covering the theory and practical applications of oxygen and c02 efficiency, proper body and breathing mechanics for increased movement efficiency, and much more.  Rob has 15 years of experience in manual therapy, he co-owns CrossFit Virginia Beach with his wife, and he’s worked with Kelly Starrett on the Mobility WOD staff before he helped develop the Art of Breath seminar for Power Speed Endurance.

In this episode Ashleigh talks with Rob Wilson, a CrossFit gym owner and movement and breath specialist about the course he developed with Brian Mackenzie for Power Speed Endurance called The Art of Breath – it’s a masterclass clinic on breath work, including how mindful practice and control of your breath can have positive effects on health, fitness performance, and mental health and cognition. We talk about why you should breath through your nose almost all the time, especially when you’re training; what the diaphragm is and why it’s so important; how to increase carbon dioxide tolerance; mobilizing your body effectively to use your lungs to the fullest; and actual breath work techniques that enhance your physical performance and manage stress.  Can you guess the world record for the longest static breath hold? You’ll find out in this episode!

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 18 Intro to Rob and what the Art of Breath seminar is all about: creating a universal language around breath work and a pragmatic, physiology-first approach

18 –29 How breathing can affect mindset, and how to use breath work as an anchor and a way to achieve control over your physiology when you can’t control your environment. We discuss the connection between his work and yoga, Wim Hof-style breathing, and mindfulness practices.

29 – 42 = The evolution of the Art of Breath course and Rob’s journey to becoming a better teacher and instructor, including stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a storytelling class and studying stand up comedy in order to connect and tell better stories

42 – 50: Who can benefit from the breath work course and techniques and how they can apply it specifically do their work and goals, including coaches, athletes, individuals adding it as a tool for therapy.

50 – What to do with your knowledge once you’ve learned and studied your breath and have a breathing practice: how and why your breathe practice should change your behaviors

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