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Optimal Pelvic Health For Improved Mobility, Strength, Digestion, And SEX — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #13

Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT is a pelvic physical therapist and co-founder of Inner Dynamics pelvic health and orthopedic clinic. She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Tamra is an avid mountaineer, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Pico de Orizaba, and Mount Rainier. She ran the Ocean Drive Marathon, and frequents the gym for weightlifting. As a former collegiate athlete with an active lifestyle, Dr. Wroblesky has special interests in treating the female athlete, with an emphasis on preventative protocols to limit injury. She is a USAW certified Sport Performance Coach and works closely with several weightlifters, including Katie Montague who took home 6 gold medals when Tamra accompanied her to University Nationals in spring 2017. She also works closely with Crossfit boxes and USA Weightlifting to give her “Pelvic Health for Performance” lecture and her “Supercharge your Pelvis” article can be found here on USA Weightlifting’s website. Dr. Wroblesky became interested in pelvic health physical therapy after her own medical obstacles dealing with severe pelvic and hip pain over six years. She has had several surgeries, including two hip labral tear repairs, allowing her to be mindful of the patient experience.

This episode is all about pelvic health, and how proper pelvic function can have an impact on chronic pain, sexual function, mobility and physical performance, digestion and bowel function, and much more. Ashleigh talks with pelvic health specialist Dr. Tamra Wroblesky about the most common issues she helps her clients with, including incontinence, prolapse, and chronic pain; how to know when you should see a pelvic specialist rather than another doctor or specialist; things you can address personally before medical intervention to optimize your pelvic health; how to educate yourself about options when faced with possible surgeries; and what exactly is a bowel massage? All that and much more in this week’s episode of Muscle Maven Radio.

Minute Breakdown:

3 – 12 An introduction to Tamra and what a pelvic physical therapist does; the issues she deals with the most for men and women including chronic pain, incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and digestive issues; and how she came into the profession after her own issues as an athlete with injuries, unnecessary surgeries, and painful sex

12 – 23 What signs or symptoms or things you should be aware of that you might want to consider seeing a pelvic specialist for including issues around sexual function and bowel movements: a lot of information about what “a normal” pee and poop schedule should look and feel like!  

23 – 30 why women need to be extra careful managing pressure because of our physiology; talking about peeing during exercise, leaking while lifting, and why we should take it more seriously—and why kegels aren’t always the answer   

30 – 36 walking through the process of seeing a pelvic health specialist; how they gather information and identify and address the issues    

36 – 48  How proper breathing mechanics and recovery relate to pelvic health and physical performance

48 – 57 Talking about the complications of hip and labral surgeries, how to do the right work and PT for your joints both before and after surgeries –how important it is to be consistent and patient, how to know when surgery is necessary, who to talk to and see before taking that step  

57: Five Key elements of bowel health. Also…what’s a poop massage? 

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