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The one thing you MUST do to grow your gym business

Do you run your own gym? Are you interested in getting more clients through the door, changing more lives for the better, and making more money? Of course you are.

Many people make the mistake of assigning value in their business to equipment, facilities, all that. But this isn’t true. If you want to grow your box and create the business life you reallywant, then you have to understand that your businesses true value starts with your mailing list. How many emails are you tracking?

Your email list is unique to you. It’s your lifeline. You simply HAVE to grow and nurture it. So, are you? Our buddy Aaron Hinde from LifeAide Beverage Company is going to get you started. Listen up!

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Mike Bledsoe


  • It’s easy to have an idea. The tough part is taking that idea and making it into a viable business concept. Building a customer list is your first step. Listen to Aaron.

  • Good stuff. I’m being challenged to figure out how to integrate into what I’m doing in the mental health development/movement circles I’m in. Very good insight.

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