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Barbell Business – Interview w/ Onnit’s Total Human Optimization Specialists : w/ John Wolf and Juan Leija

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Onnit Academy’s Chief Fitness Operator John Wolf and Chief Fitness Enforcer Juan Leija on:

  • The Onnit Culture, Vision, and Mentality
  • How you can turn your gym into one of total human optimization
  • The beauty behind effective loveable communication with your team and clients
  • The power of a like-minded entrepreneurial community
  • How to mix automation and personality for your business
  • Juan’s (aka Juannit1) Snapchat pro-tips

john wolf onnit-02

If you’ve ever taken an Onnit Academy certification course, or simply met Onnit’s brilliant Cheif Fitness Officer John Wolf and furiously authentic Cheif Fitness Enforcer Juan Leija, you know don’t they just train their athletes to live the optimized life; they eat, sleep, and breathe it. If you’re not in the Austin area to meet them at Onnit’s HQ, check out one of their many social sites to see their dedication to this state of mind for yourself:

Follow them on Instagram: @coachjohnwolf @juannit_274 | Snapchat: @thewolf7078 & @juannit1


We had the pleasure of connecting with these two at our last Barbell Mastermind in Los Cabos, MX. They were a wealth of knowledge in the area of culture, connection, and creating a synergistic balance between business systems and personal touches.

In this episode, John and Juan guide us through the Onnit way of life and explain that the road to total human optimization is an obstacle course of strength, passion, human connection, balance, and sweat . . . lots of sweat – and it’s worth every drop.

Learn how the Onnit Academy team stays fluid in their approach to training and lifestyle in their mission to integrate everything that is good.

Enjoy the show!

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