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CrossFit Open WOD 16.3 Tips and Strategies Live Webinar Replay

In case you missed the webinar last night, here’s the replay where Coach McG and McElroy break down strategy and tips for 16.3.


Here’s the “I ain’t got time to watch a 50 minute video” summary 🙂

General Overview

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 power snatches
3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.
Women use 55 lb.

Overall, there’s nothing really too special about this one in terms strategy and tricks. You’re just going to turn on the engine and do the work.

Don’t let this one fool you however. It may look easy on paper but this WILL gas you. Your heart rate is going to get high and it’s going to suck, especially if you can go deep because you can handle the bar muscle ups. Don’t make the mistake of going out too hard, too fast and hitting that red-line. Pacing wisely will help you get a get a better score overall.

Warming up

Your warm up may need to be a little longer than normal so you can warm up well! You want to be nice and warm with a pretty good heart rate going into this workout.

You don’t want to have the initial shock of needing more air and the increased breathing that this workout will bring.

Here’s a suggested warmup (tweak as necessary):

  • 10-12 minutes Aerobic (bike, row, jump rope, and etc)
  • 3-4 minutes hip flexion mobilization to get you ready to bend over to pick the bar up multiple times
  • 3-4 minutes shoulder mobility (internal and external rotation)
  • 5-10 minutes movement prep: shoulder,scap, lat activation. Use a cable crossover system or bands.


3 sets:

  • 4 Snatches at the workout weight
  • 1 Bar Muscle Up or 2-3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (if you struggle with Bar Muscle ups, don’t waste them in the warmup and pre-fatigue. Just do the CTB pull-ups to get your pull warmed up)
  • 15 sec Bike or row hard to get the heart rate up

Rest as needed but again the goal of this warm-up is to get the heart rate up and used to the speed.


Go in hungry. This is a breather and eating a hearty meal right before probably isn’t the smart option unless you want to spend time after the WOD cleaning up puke.

Adrenaline is going to push you through this one.

Pacing Strategies

If you watched the announcement you saw that the athletes definitely slowed down considerably. To get the best score, pace yourself right out of the gate. This applies to scaled and master’s athletes as well!

A good idea would be to estimate how many rounds you think you’re going to get and pace slightly faster than that.

Also try not to miss any bar muscle ups/chest to bar pull-ups early. You’ll just tire yourself out. Break them up into singles early if you feel yourself not able to chain them together.

Conversely, if you’re not so great at the snatches, break those up early. Don’t let your head get the better of you and try to go unbroken the entire time. Pace.

One & Done or Repeat?

This is going to depend on you but if your limiter are the bar muscle ups, it’s likely you won’t see too much improvement.

If you pace yourself well, you’ll most likely end up with a score very representative of your ability.

If you go deep into this workout, you’ll probably find yourself very fatigued so waiting at least 2-3 days will most likely give you the best chance to improve your initial score.

Best of luck! Try not to blow chunks everywhere!

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