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Position, Movement, and Purpose with Carl Paoli – Barbell Shrugged #274

This week, we spoke with movement expert and all-around badass Carl Paoli (Instagram and Twitter: @carlpaoli), coach and author of Free+Style: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements. Carl explains his Three Tricks to be jacked as hell, using his own Free+Style connection framework of position, movement, and purpose.

Carl’s varied background has informed his path, leading him from gymnastics; break dancing (yes); his athletic shoe business, Strike Mvmnt; and of course, functional fitness. Despite being a jack of all trades, he’s humble and doesn’t profess to be an expert, instead saying he’s a constant student. Carl’s built a reputation by keeping things simple and clear, and by remaining compelling. This got people to do the things he taught – and suddenly, he was called a guru and became The Movement Guy.

Although he was successful, Carl felt expectations were too high, yet his true potential was not met. Two years ago, like the Renaissance man that he is, he disassembled and reorganized his life to begin an epic journey of self-awareness. Ultimately, he found a way to feel fulfillment without “being there” yet.

Also, how coaching is equal parts engineering and artistry. Ultimately Carl is still “just a guy trying to figure it out.”

The bottom line from Carl this week: Just do. Don’t worry about what happens, and whatever you learn from that, take that next step. This will give you the mindset to give you the freedom to do.

This Week on Barbell Shrugged, We Interview Carl Paoli to Discuss:

  • Carl’s freestyle connection framework of position, movement, and purpose
  • The distinction between being the best and feeling fulfilled at the box
  • Making sure your WOD is safe, useful, and long-lasting
  • Making it all, in Carl’s words, “crispy clean”

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